Understanding Data warehousing and archiving

A Data warehouse is a collection of an organization data gathered from a variety of sources and merged into one coherent and understandable whole that can be used to assist and improve the organizations decision making data.

All the info in the Data warehouse is time invariant in that every piece of information is identified with a particular time period. It is also subject oriented in that it gives information about a particular subject instead of about a company’s current operations.

“Data warehousing without archiving is like a garage attached to a residence that a family has lived in for several generations. It becomes the container for a lot of “valuable” stuff, but soon there is no room for the family car. If that stuff were just pure junk, the family could simply throw it out. Yet everyone knows that as soon as anything has been thrown out, there will be a request for it so we keep it just in case. The same can be said for data warehouses.” Lou Agosta of information management online

It becomes clear that without data archiving, data warehousing can be a very hectic exercise; however, together they form a seamless solution for sorting out our ever increasing information.

Today, with data available in many different formats, from varying sources, and via diverse access methods, companies need a solution for managing business information. In addition, compliance with a variety of international audit standards has made reliable data management vital.  While many companies offer the individual components necessary to produce a data warehouse, such a solution can be difficult to support and manage, and expensive to implement.  Data Warehousing is an affordable data management solution that ensures that you will have your information, when you need it in a format that is organized and easy to find.

Many organizations constantly seek to leverage data and expand analytic capabilities for optimized business efficiency and risk mitigation. They need to quickly and predictably meet dynamic needs to integrate data across silos, expand upon existing data repositories, and tap into new data sources. But this can be difficult if they’re dealing with haphazard systems that were designed to support tactical initiatives or if they’re short on resources to handle routine data integration.

Bitlink Company Data Integration and Data Warehousing services can help businesses by developing an underlying infrastructure that will provide well-integrated, high-quality data to applications, processes and people. Working with businesses and IT personnel, Bitlink can assess information needs to identify areas for improvement and help identify, transform and integrate disparate data via data warehouses, data marts and other information repositories.

Through these services, our clients can design and deploy the technical, organizational and process architectures required to capture, manage and deliver information across their organization. To meet business needs for speed and cost-efficiency, we target to offer a complete outsourced (on-shore, near-shore and offshore) data warehouse operation.

The service diversification into data warehouse can facilitate the following additional ICT services:

  • Data Migration services
  • Data Storage and Recovery Services
  • Data analytics.
  • Data architecture and design services
  • Data performance analysis services.
  • Data transformation services
  • Seamless data integration services & Access Management.
  • Data infrastructure consolidation
  • Delivery of insightful information through on-demand reports, dashboards and analytics
  • Help businesses Stay ahead of changing business needs with an agile, scalable data integration environment.

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