We stock both products for both IT and Power especially (power Backup and Solar)

IT Products

We sell and support a varied range of products, especially in the areas of data communications, LAN and wide area networking, Internet connectivity and security, remote access and remote administration.

We are among the leading resellers of the following:

  • Voice over IP (VOIP) products, including IP phones and Analog Telephony adapters.
  • Wired and wireless LAN and WAN products from Cisco, Enterasys and Senao.
  • Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server and the other Microsoft BackOffice products.
  • All other Microsoft products including office productivity software and business graphics.
  • Altn products including Mdaemon mail server and mail scanning antivirus.
  • Computers and accessories from Mecer.
  • Computer products and accessories from HP.
  • Dell computer products and accessories.

Bitlink Company Ltd recognizes the value of partnerships and as a result, we have established a good working relationship not only with our strategic partners, but also complementary organizations which enable us provide turnkey solutions to our customers.

Apart from being an MCSP (Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider), we are also authorized value-added resellers of Internet application software sold by Deerfield and Altn, including MDaemon mail software, AVG Professional Antivirus, LinkSys VOIP products and Senao wireless products among others.

Being an ICT company, we have strategic relationships with ISPs and other telecommunication providers, both locally and internationally to enable us offer an entire spectrum of solutions seamlessly.

Backup Power and Solar

We also offer products for Power Solutions such as:

Our Product range consists of:

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Solar Batteries
  3. Charge Controllers
  4. Solar Street Lighting
  5. Inverter Chargers
  6. Borehole Pumps
  7. Solar Water Heating
  8. Solar Freezers
  9. UPS Systems
  10. Data Centre Cooling