ICT services have traditionally been offered in-house by dedicated IT departments within companies as part of overall information processing system. The past 10 years have however witnessed the emergence of a multitude of ICT disciplines which has rendered the previous in-house model largely untenable in terms of availing this multitude of services. There has therefore been a gradual move towards outsourcing these services to specialized outfits like Bitlink Company Ltd. who have the necessary skills set to render these services as their core business.

In addition, most small and medium size businesses have neither the resources nor inclination to spend sizably on personnel and training in order to get the best out of their IT investments. Bitlink Company Ltd. is uniquely positioned to fill this gap by providing a cost-effective and high quality integrated set of services that enables these organizations to build and take advantage of an ICT infrastructure that compares favourably with the very best anywhere.

With  leading ICT professionals at the helm, Bitlink Company Ltd. is well positioned to serve the local as well as global market in ICT. Having a great taste of professionalism in offering our services and products  our clients usually wonder how they ever worked without us.

Even as a rapidly expanding ICT company, we remain committed to all our clients, offering a helping hand and consultative advice on ICT planning and implementation. Our more than 10 years of operation locally has enabled us to be an authority on creating ICT infrastructures for small and mid-sized companies.

We also work together with many other ICT companies, contacts, clientele and professional colleagues  to ensure that the products and services we deliver are topnotch and comparable to the very best quality that can be delivered.