1. East African Packaging Industries (EAPI)

Bitlink Company Ltd. has implemented an Internet gateway Services at EAPI for securely connecting the internal network to the Internet.  The main Internet server functions as a gateway with a firewall and caching server. It also handles VPN communications between EAPI offices in Kenya and their European Support Office. We maintain this network effectively ensuring that it is secure at all times and working as expected.

2. Capital Markets Authority (CMA)

Bitlink Company Ltd. has implemented an Internet gateway Services at CMA for securely connecting the internal network to the Internet.  The main Internet server functions as a gateway with a firewall and caching server. It also provides email and filtering services for the organization. In addition, can connect remotely from anywhere in the world to work with their corporate applications as well as receive and send email securely. We also provide ICT housekeeping support such as virus and Trojan horse attack prevention and ensuring timely application of security updates and patches.

3. BOC Kenya Limited

BOC was one of our first customers and we have implemented a medium sized Windows 2000 network with two domain controllers, one Exchange 5.5 Server and about seventy client computers. This network is connected to branch offices in Mombasa and Kisumu through leased lines with the Nairobi Head Office hosting centralized applications that are accessed remotely. This system has since been upgraded to current server products.

4. Philips Medical Systems

We have implemented a local area network at Philips Medical Systems running Windows 2000 Server and MDaemon messaging software. The network is securely connected to the Internet through a linux gateway that also runs a firewall application and performs mail filtering for the organization. It also provides a VPN end point and RAS services through which roaming users can connect to the network to retrieve mail and access other network resources. In addition, we have implemented caching services and designed total network security including malware and antivirus protection, anti-spam and internal security of resources based on Windows active directory security permissioning.

5. Co-operative Insurance Company

Bitlink Company Ltd. is a major computer software and network supplier for Co-operative Insurance Company and we have supplied them with most of the products now running on their computers. These include Microsoft Office 2000 and Windows 2000 Server, MDaemon messaging server and Wingate Proxy Server. We have also supplied them with various networking items including hubs, switches and modems. At various times, we have also supplied them with services such as installation of these software and network configuration.

6. Del Monte Kenya limited

Bitlink Company Ltd. has implemented an Internet connectivity solution at Del Monte Kenya that involves an analog leased line from an ISP in Nairobi to Del Monte offices in Thika and a satellite downlink from the Internet backbone using InterPacket Networks of California USA. This included the configuration and commissioning of the leased line modems, Cisco router and satellite DVB receiver. The 64 kbps downlink ensures that the downloads from the Internet are accomplished very fast and since most of the Internet traffic is asymmetrical in that most of it is downloading with only a small percentage being uploaded, the entire link functions very efficiently.

The link is also being used to connect Del Monte Kenya to its parent company in the United Kingdom through a virtual private network (VPN).

7. AlphaNet Communications Limited

Bitlink Company Ltd. has implemented an ISP infrastructure for AlphaNet communications using Cisco access equipment and Linux operating system. This included setting up the servers and configuring then with both primary and secondary DNS, Sendmail, RADIUS, POP Service and Apache Web Server. We also configured the Cisco router and Cisco access Server with dial-in modems for users to get authenticated and log into the system.

8. Consolidated Bank

We have implemented a wide area network (WAN) for Consolidated Bank comprising of Head Office and seven branch offices. The project involved connecting the branches to the main office through analog leased lines and Cisco routers. We configured the leased line modems to communicate through the Telkom-allocated leased lines and connected the modems to Cisco routers at the Head Office and the branches. We also configured the routers so that they can route data between all the branches and the Head Office. This network forms the basis of the mission critical banking application used by the bank.

9. FinTech Kenya Limited

Bitlink Company Ltd. has implemented an Internet point of presence (POP) for FinTech.  FinTech created a communications branch (FinNet Communications), which provides, in part, niche ISP services to their corporate customers. We were contracted to build the Internet servers based on RedHat Linux operating System. This included among other things, two domain name servers.

10.  Asea Brown Boveri (ABB)

Bitlink Company Ltd. is ABB’s IT provider and we have supplied them with various networking devices, software and network services. We continue to supply them with these services, which they have found excellent up to the present.

11.  Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen)

Bitlink Company Ltd. does Internet connectivity and security consulting for Kengen. This involves implementing any required communications solutions such as VPNs, remote network connectivity to the central office, security enhancement, network monitoring and troubleshooting in case of operational problems. Kengen has wide ranging communications and security software used to attain various corporate objectives and Bitlink Company Ltd. has the capability to work with all these systems and ensure they all operate in harmony.

12.  Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bitlink Company Ltd. has implemented an Internet connectivity and security solution at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The main Internet server runs Redhat 9 Linux and is configured as a firewall, email server and caching proxy. This Internet gateway server supports all the ministry staff and keeps the internal network secured through the firewall.

13.  Kenya Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Ltd (KVM)

Bitlink Company Ltd. has implemented an Internet gateway solution at KVM that

Securely connects the KVM office network to the Internet. The gateway consists of a Freebsd server running all Internet services including a firewall, mail services, proxy services, spamassassin for controlling junk mail and antivirus software. This server connects to the Internet through a leased line that terminates on a Cisco router. The server is also able to securely enable travelling executives to get web-based mail wherever they may be as long as they are able to connect to the Internet. Bitlink also maintains this server and manages the entire network security of KVM WAN network.

14.  Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC)

Bitlink Company Ltd. provides Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)    consultancy for KPLC. This is a distributed computerized system that controls the generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy from the National Control Centre that was initially installed between 1988 and 1990. Currently I am providing consultancy, along with Fichtner of Germany for replacement of this system by a newer and more capable system. The system is expected to be commissioned in 2011, after which it will require support and maintenance on a continuing basis.

15.  Broadband Communications Network Limited

Bitlink Company Ltd. information and communications technology (ICT) support for this organization which in turn builds and maintains the infrastructure for mobile services companies, like Safaricom and Celtel. Their infrastructure includes a local area network, virtual private network (VPN) for their field engineers and Internet for wide area connectivity and related services.

16. Danone Baby Nutrition

We provide a total ICT support solution for Danone Baby Nutrition office in Kenya including LAN/WAN infrastructure, security and helpdesk services; as well as VoIP