Getting Started with the Bitlink Backup Client
Awesome data backup

Thank you for choosing Bitlink for your Cloud backup partner. It is very easy to set up. If you are using windows download the windows backup client here If you are using a Mac, download your client here. Fill the login form and follow the instructions and contact us if you have any issue. We […]

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The Jabra SpeakerPhone; For crystal clear conference calls

I find myself doing far less talking on the phone these days. That is part of the reason I’ve pretty much dropped my use of landlines. At home and work I only use my cell phones or, at times, I use Line2 or Skype on my tablet or computer. I honestly cannot remember the last […]

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What is Ransomware!
Ransomware Notes

Ransomware is malware that can lock a device or encrypt its contents in order to extort money from the owner in return for restoring access to those resources. This kind of malware can also have a built-in timer with a payment deadline that must be met, otherwise the price for unlocking the data and hardware […]

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Why World Backup Day is a Big Deal for You
Data Backup, Storagecraft, Kenya, veeam

We all know our data should be protected. And it’s obvious that one such protection method—the ability to quickly restore data from a backup method—should be a high priority. But backing up data regularly is still not a common practice for businesses and individuals. In fact, a forthcoming survey we conducted found that more than […]

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3 Ways Small Businesses Sabotage their Cybersecurity
man on computer

In my current role, I have dealt with a large number of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops. In many instances, the business model is similar; however, their practices are like speaking different languages. Disaster Recovery.As those of us who work in computer security know, it is always imperative to have a way to […]

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